Your Next Summit County Undersheriff

Mark Heminghous
Retired Police Chief, Town of Dillon, 2014 – 2020


  • 26 years of service as a sworn law enforcement officer
  • Vast experience as a patrol officer, narcotics investigator, SWAT team member, administrator and operations leader
  • Masters Degree from the University of Colorado in Police Executive Leadership
Bend, OR – 2020 to present
Summit County, CO – 2003 – 2020
Married to Jeri Heminghous for 33 years

Dear Summit County Community,

After retiring, my wife and I wanted to try something different so we moved to Bend, OR. After two years in the high desert, we realized how much we missed living in the Rocky Mountains and are looking forward to being back in Summit County.

Having worked closely with members of the Sheriff’s Department for 17 years, I have watched the agency change, both reducing the number and patrol deputies, who are the first responders to all calls for public service, and minimizing their interactions with the community. Nonetheless, I’ve always thought the personnel at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office had the potential to do great work for the citizens and visitors of the county if their leadership would provide the training and opportunities to do so.

I am excited to use my work and life experience to help Chris in empowering team members to be leaders in the community through training, coaching, and mentoring. It would be an honor for me to have a role in supporting Chris in achieving all the goals he has outlined in his campaign for Summit County Sheriff. Working with Chris on such an exciting project that would positively impact so many people, including the members of our “Summit County Family” is an opportunity my wife and I can’t pass up.

Mark Heminghous

October 2022

I have chosen Mark Heminghous as the person who will fill my Undersheriff role. Mark was an outstanding leader that took Dillon Police Department from needing staff and improvement to an agency which focused on the community’s needs.


Mark and I look forward to ensuring each of these priorities are met and exceeded:


  • We need a proactive Patrol division focused on the safety of our schools, citizens, and visitors, not focused on administration. I will work with my command staff, and we will work together to retain, train, and hire qualified deputies. We will foster a proactive and community policing mindset through training and support.
  • I want a better representation of our residents of Summit County. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office needs to hire and train more Spanish-speaking Deputies.
  • I want to impact the narcotics trafficking of meth, heroin, and fentanyl into our community through enforcement, education, and treatment. I want to start a Criminal Interdiction Unit working with local partners in law enforcement and our criminal justice system to combat the flow of narcotics.
  • I want greater transparency of our Sheriff’s Office and crimes occurring in the community to build trust. Good, bad, or otherwise, information must be shared with the community.

I’m running to ensure these priorities are accomplished for our community’s safety. I look forward to serving our community.



Chris Scherr

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