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Why I hired Chris Scherr and you should, too.

In April of 2014, I was hired as the Chief of Police for the Town of Dillon. The department was operating at half staff and in need of a complete overhaul. Following Jim Collins’ recipe in his excellent book on leadership, Good to Great, we needed to “get the right people on the bus” – hire awesome people with a passion for modern policing.

We soon became aware of a young man who was working in the security department at the hospital, Chris Scherr. His coworkers spoke highly of Chris as someone always willing to help, whether it was an issue with a patient, a difficult computer program, or help changing a lightbulb; exactly the type of person we were looking for. We hired Chris and sent him to the police academy, where he excelled as a leader in his class. After graduation from the academy, Chris instantly became a valued member of our team, as we continued to grow and positively change the culture and reputation of the police department. Chris routinely did things most tenured officers don’t even think of doing. Chris was dispatched to a medical call one evening that ended with the death of a young man, who was visiting Summit County with his parents. Chris took it upon himself to find that family an alternative place to stay so they would not have to go back to the place their son died. Dillon PD was the first agency in Summit County to implement body-cameras. Chris was a member of the team that helped research the best camera for our use and then develop policies and procedures to secure the digital media as evidence. Chris saw a glaring need in our county for a computer forensics expert since the closest were in the front range or Garfield County. Chris earned that certificate and immediately put it to use assisting police agencies in Summit and the surrounding counties.


Anytime Chris sees an opportunity to fix a problem, he wholeheartedly takes on the challenge. That is why he is running for Summit County Sheriff. It is time for a culture change at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office; one that puts the safety of the citizens and visitors, as well as the safety of the deputies,  above political motivations. Chris Scherr is an exceptional person and leader who I am proud to say I hired. You should hire him too as the next Summit County Sheriff.


Mark Heminghous

Retired Police Chief

I strongly support Chris Scherr for Sheriff (Scheriff)
Carolyn Skowyra

Chris is a man of integrity and a man of his word.

We are confidently supporting Chris Scherr as the NextSummitSheriff in the upcoming November 8th election.

Chris’s first responder background as a volunteer fire fighter, EMT, Field Training Officer, police officer and detective has provided him the professional experience, education, and communication skills respected by his peers and will lead the Summit County Sheriff’s Department to the next level of service. His dedication, resourcefulness, and intuition make him a natural leader while fostering collaboration and alliances among emergency service agencies. Naturally intuitively, Chris is fair, empathetic, and compassionate. His character and leadership skills will lend themselves to inclusivity and diversity within the department while establishing appropriate balance among the ranks and welcoming common sense. Running as an unaffiliated candidate, he will represent the people – what is right and just rather than a political agenda. Chris Scherr is a long time Summit County local proudly raising his family here. He sees and understands our community and we believe he is the best choice for the Next Summit County Sheriff.

When you receive your ballot for the November 8th election, vote for change…vote for Scherr!


Dwight and Jo-Anne Tyson


Summit County Voters,

I am writing in support of Chris Scherr for Sheriff.  I was born and raised in this community and returned to live and work after completing school.  I have known Chris and his family for over 10 years, and they embody what this community needs when it comes to it’s leaders.  Not only does Chris have extensive experience as a law enforcement officer but he has also held positions in the Emergency Medical field.  He has a broad experience and, thus, an understanding of what it takes to keep a unique community such as Summit afloat and safe.

Chris’s reputation among his peers speaks volumes to the level of caring and experience that he will bring to the office of the Sheriff. He will strengthen bonds among the community and help provide the safety and security that we need in our ever-growing and changing community.  He is always pursuing new ways to advance his knowledge, abilities and skills when it comes to law enforcement and investigations.  He has already been a champion of numerous IT advancements that have not only improved Dillon Police investigations who he currently works for, but have also helped the other law enforcement agencies in this county improve their abilities to function at a higher level for their citizens.  Chris Scherr will bring a high level of integrity, caring, experience and advancement to the Summit Sheriff office that this community deserves.

Please vote for Chris Scherr for Summit County Sheriff.


Regan Brockmeyer D.O.

Summit County Community,

We have been fortunate to live in this community for a while, as have many of you.  It is an amazing place to live and work. We all ended up here somehow, or were born here, and have seen many changes. Our community needs a non-partisan leader, who will consistently do what is best for our community. The State of Colorado and our local community is changing in front of our eyes. Our chances of becoming the victim of a crime have dramatically increased and will impact all our lives. We need a leader who will address the many issues facing our community, not just being believable. We need a leader who understands what it means to be an empathetic professional with enough training and emotional intelligence to solve problems and put community first. Chris Scherr is that leader, who understands modern policing concepts and will build an office to meet the expectations of the entire community because the Sheriff does not build communities, it serves them.

We are supporting Chris Scherr as the NextSummitSheriff in the upcoming November 8th election.

Thank You,

Cale and Stephanie Osborn


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